Creating True Agape: 20 At Home Dates

These 20 at home dates are designed to cultivate communication, intimacy and growth! 

Not only does this e-book make it easy to create dates, but it makes being intentional about connecting with your man simple!

The variety of dates included will enable all personality types to connect while having fun! 

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Creating True Agape: 20 At Home Dates contains preplanned dates that are simple yet effective to create intentional connection with your man to make him feel loved. 

“It was really easy to get my husband talking and interested in the activities.  It was great discussion and laughs. It will definitely increase our intimacy level and how well we know each other. ”

Devin Crawford - Wife of 3 Years

An E-book For All Marriages

Creating True Agape: 20 At Home Dates consists of information for marriages of all levels whether you’ve been together for years or if you got married last week. This e-book will benefit you and dramatically transform your marriage into a connected, vulnerable, intimate relationship.

An E-book Based On Experience

This e-book was created based off experience. These are the strategies that I used to intentionally connect with my husband to reignite our intamacy and growth. And guess what? It worked! Creating True Agape: 20 At Home Dates includes the strategies I used like: making date nights happen, speaking his Love Language, asking him questions and supporting him with his current goals. 

A Word From The Author

“After being married 3 years and having a 6 month old I realized I needed to intentionally put my marriage first. After seeking to connect with my husband daily with random dates, questions, and speaking his Love Language I saw a difference. And so did others. That’s when I created these at home date ideas that incorporated all the elements I used. My hope is that it reignites your marriage like it did mine! ”